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How to Use MPO Trunk Cables for Proper Connectivity and Optimal Performance?

by Alan

For high-density connectivity in data centers, telecommunications networks, and other high-speed applications, high-tech fiber optic cables called multi-fiber Push-On (MPO) cables were developed. Modern MPO cables’ architecture allows for the simultaneous transmission of many fibers, boosting data transmission capacity and accelerating infrastructure installation.

The fact that MPO trunk cables can allow high-speed data transmission is one of their many amazing features. They are employed for connections with large bandwidths, such as 40G, 100G, and 400G Ethernet. MPO cables are perfect for large data transmissions because of their high fiber counts. MPO cables typically come in 12 and 24-fiber formats.

Depending on the required distance, the fiber can be of two types’ single mode and multimode fiber. Single-mode fibers are preferred for longer distances, while multimode fibers are preferred for shorter distances. For rapid installation of fiber optic links, a push-pull mechanism is used. To learn more about the use of MPO trunk cables, you have to go through the following article.

Use or Working of MPO Trunk Cables

Several steps are involved for the proper connectivity and optimal performance of MPO trunk cables. Here are some basic guidelines about how to use MPO trunk cables:

Understand Network Requirement

Before the use of MPO trunk cables, it is necessary to determine the requirements of the network, like polarity, configuration, number of optic fibers, and type of fiber. This basic information will help in the selection of the best MPO cables and connectors. For this purpose, you can also get information from the manufacturer’s cables and shopkeepers. They have better knowledge about this.

Prepare the Cable and Connector

If you have pre-terminated MPO cables, you can use them directly, if not, you may need to terminate the cable with MPO connectors before use. For this purpose, you have to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to strip the cable jacket, reveal the optic fibers, and correctly align the fibers in the MPO connector ferrule.

Check Polarity

For this purpose, fully understand the polarity requirements of the network and, according to the network, select the appropriate MPO connector polarity. Also, verify that each end of the connector is aligned correctly. If the connection is not accurate, it can lead to signal loss or improper connectivity.

Clean Connectors

For the proper functioning of the MPO cables, it is necessary to keep the cables and connectors clean from dust and damage. Connector ends must be free from dust. For examining the connector, you can also use an inspection microscope. For proper signal transmission, clean the connector ends by using lint-free wipes.

Connect MPO Cable

For joining the MPO connectors, it is crucial to push them together until they fully mate. It is important to align the connector properly. If the connector has a bolt or latch, lock them in place. Follow the precautions to prevent any damage to the connector during the mating process. Make sure that mating processing is happening smoothly.

Cable Testing

After connecting the MPO cables, perform sample testing to ensure that the signal is transferring smoothly. For this purpose, you can use an optical testing instrument such as an optical time domain reflect meter, or you can also use a power meter for measuring the insertion loss, return loss, and relevant parameters. Also, make sure that the test results meet the required specifications.

Cable Documentation

Keep a record of the MPO trunk cable connections for future use. Label the cables with their IDs, polarity, and any other pertinent data. This documentation will help with maintenance, future revisions, and expansions, as well as troubleshooting.

Regular Maintenance

To avoid contamination and guarantee optimum performance, regularly check and scrub the MPO connectors. Observe the cleaning schedules and procedures advised by the manufacturer. And try to resolve any flaws or faults that are found by taking the required action.


MPO trunk cables are pre-terminated fibers, so you can install them easily. For optimal performance and longevity, it is necessary to follow the proper installation, cleaning, and testing processes. These MPO cables are more suitable for indoor use. Proper installation of MPO cables is helpful for reliable signal transmission.

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