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Advanced Features That Commercial Tablets Offer

by Alan

Since commercial tablets will be used in a corporate environment, they need significantly more advanced features than consumer tablets. The physical characteristics and design need to be better and more durable. It is essential to ensure that you buy the right commercial tablets with the desired features installed.

But before you can choose a high-grade and better-quality commercial tablet, you should know what advanced features they offer. To check out some of the best commercial tablets in the market, you can go now to Geniatech’s store and surf through the multiple high-grade options. If you have been thinking of switching your business to industrial tablets, keep reading to learn some of the most advanced features of commercial tablets.

Remote Device Management

Remote device management is one of the most critical features a commercial tablet offers that you may not have in a consumer tablet. Remote device management (RDM) software allows centralized control over all the connected devices, no matter their physical location.

A centralized tech department or an expert can control, monitor, and alter the activities happening in a business’s PCs, laptops, tablets, and other devices. This is very important as employees often tend to run into issues that need to be solved on the spot.

For example, if there is an issue with the manufacturing system, waiting hours to get the expert on the site can cause a business to lose lots of money. Instead, RDM allows you to troubleshoot the issue from afar. In this way, you can keep a centralized check on data security, malicious activities, threats of a virus, and how streamlined all processes are.

Multiple Operating Systems

Another essential feature of a commercial tablet is that it allows the installation of multiple operating systems. Some might have more than one OS pre-installed on the device.

Several applications are being used in a business at once, and more apps are being added as technology advances and things become automated. However, not all applications run on the same operating system. An individual software could be built to work on a specific OS, such as Windows-only apps.

With multiple OS in one commercial tablet, you won’t have to switch devices to using different OOS as you can access all systems in one tablet.

Customization and personalization services

Businesses need multiple applications and systems to work in a coherent environment. So, it is a major requirement to be able to customize application services, interfaces, and systems. Not all businesses work the same, and while base technology might be similar, different companies have unique needs.

With commercial tablets, you can customize the interfaces and systems to suit and match the needs of your company and work processes.


Commercial tablets are very scalable. You can adapt their uses and apps to fit your business’s changing and growing needs. The commercial tablets’ build and structure are reliable and tolerate more vibrations and shocks, so the touch system and other features can last longer.

Moreover, the multiple OS feature allows you to work on various applications without the hassle of changing devices. Remote device management and customization ability are certainly a must for every business. These affordable devices can change the way you do business.

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