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Hotel Self-Service Card Dispenser Advantages

by Alan

Although the economy and life as you know it is coming back the normal, the fear of germs is forever with us now. Especially when you are outside the comfort of your home, it can be hard to check into the hotel while the worries nag you constantly. That is why hotel self-service card dispenser machines are the best when it comes to your safety and hygiene.

Advantages Of Card Dispenser In Hotels

Other than being a completely touchless experience and ensuring your safety and hygiene, the card dispenser services also aid in the management of the hotel and the better keeping of guests in several ways.

1. Allows Quick Check-in & Check-outs

One of the biggest grievances that one has during their stay at a hotel is usually about how long it takes to check-in and check-out. The self-service card dispenser solves that issue completely. Working perfectly on its own without any man operating it, the self-service card dispenser will provide the guests with their key cards without any hassle. Not only that, the cards that are given out are reusable so there is no harm to the planet in exchange for quicker service.

2. Helps Keep A Track Of Active Guests

Each card that is dispensed has a certain amount of data imprinted on them. While this data helps the guests know which room is theirs and makes them feel safe, the card also helps the management keep a track of all the guests present in the hotel as well as the number of rooms in use. This helps the hotel to prevent overbooking or double booking a room, causing severe inconvenience to the guests.

3. Helps Manage Overall Hotel Guests

Having self-service kiosks helps the Hotel provide the very best service to their guests. This is possible because the self-service kiosks allow the management to focus their entire team to focus on and provide for the guests without losing someone who is stuck at the desk. This way, having all hands on deck, helps the hotel management to prosper and manage whatever needs their guests may have as soon as possible without a hassle.

Where To Buy Card Dispensers


To provide the best services to the guests, it is necessary to have the best equipment. Luckily, Lintechtt has everything that one could need. Since 2007, Lintechtt has been working tirelessly to innovate and perfect machines that would suit every client’s needs and demands. From magnetic stripe card readers to card issuing and reclaiming readers, they have it all. The best model for self-service at hotels is the F3-9000 recycle card dispenser.

Why Lintechtt?

1. Can Operate In High Humidity

The F3-9000 is a versatile card dispenser. It is made to work and work it shall. It is designed for versatility and endurance. Not only is it sleek and compact, but it can work in high humidity. It can work in 30-90% humidity. The stainless steel passage provides a smooth operation regardless of the humidity.

2. It Can Tolerate Extreme Temperatures

Even if the hotel is in a tropical climate, really near the equator, if they want, they can still install the F3-9000. That is because the F3-9000 can work in temperatures as high as 60℃. F3-9000 provides the best service it can at the lowest temperature of -20℃. Lintechtt has made sure that its product works regardless of the temperature.

3. Connects To Computers For Easy Use

The  F3-9000 also connects with computers very easily. It supports several operating systems, hence making it a flexible self-service card dispenser that anyone from anywhere in the world can avail and use for the betterment of their management, allowing it to provide its clients with the best services.


Since 2007, Lintechtt has been working tirelessly to provide fast, hassle-free services to its customers. They also help customers feel safe about their well-being by providing self-service dispensers. Lintechtt does not leave your safety up to chance.

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