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How to Maintain Your Mobile Stone Crushers

by Alan

The growth and popularity of a mobile stone crusher in the crushing industry are remarkable. Of course, to break stones down into smaller pieces, you will need the machine. However,  that is not the only function that is fantastic. With a stone crushing machine, you will crush your stones into different sizes without any hassles. In any ore mining and crushing process, the stone crusher comes in handy to help break the stone. However, at the initial stages, you will need to transport the stone to a location where the stone crusher is at present. But with a mobile stone crusher, you don’t have to take your stone anywhere. What you need to worry about is moving the crushing equipment on its own to wherever you need it.

Mobile Stone Crushers are amazing machines that come in handy for many purposes. But as with every other machine, they have an expected lifespan. This lifespan is usually calculated through the number of hours you have used the device. With the functions of a stone crusher, every worker wishes this machine lasts forever. However, no machine can last forever. But with the right maintenance techniques, you can have your mobile stone crusher looking at its best over time. In this guide, we’ll explain how to maintain a mobile stone crusher properly.

Types of maintenance for your mobile stone crusher

A mobile stone crusher is a machine that can last years if you use it properly. When you buy it from the right company, you will not have any problems fixing it frequently. However, if you want your mobile stone crusher to last for long, you need to ensure you are maintaining the device properly. Let’s check the types of maintenance to do;

Preventive maintenance

The best type of mobile stone crusher maintenance is preventive maintenance. As the name implies, the idea is to try as much as you can to ensure your crusher is in good condition. For most people, the only time they know a crusher is bad is when the crusher stops working abruptly. However, with preventive maintenance, your crusher can’t stop work abruptly. Even when your crusher is not working any time soon, as much as you can, try to inspect the machine as much as possible.

Predictive maintenance

When it comes to machinery, there are some parts that you can predict to spoil over time. Although predictive maintenance grows with experience, it is a very good way to maintain your mobile crusher. When you use your mobile rock crusher over again, you can tell when a part is about to get spoiled, maybe because of a sound you are hearing.

Reactive maintenance

Reactive maintenance is the most common type of maintenance we always try when it comes to machines. We try to maintain our crusher machines only when there’s a problem. In most cases, it never works well.

Scheduled maintenance

This is another way to maintain your crusher machine properly. From time to time, whether there’s a problem or not, you have technicians check your crusher machine


Maintaining your crusher machine is always a great idea if you want to use it for a long time. With the information in this guide, you know how to maintain your crusher

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