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Exiting Product Range by Dusun

by Alan

A brand that has always put forward its products according to the needs of the people is Dusuniot. However, the brand emerged in the marketplace in 2005 and has almost more than 10 years of experience in the genre of hardware. On the other hand, Dusun has the most technically skilled and experienced engineers who provided their ideas for each of the products. The company Dusun is established in Hangzhou. However, the production plant of the products is situated in Huzhou. Other than that some other offices of Dusun are in Beijing and Guangdong.

The products manufactured under the title of this brand always keep in mind the convenience and comfort of their clients around the globe. However, those devices have the capability of multi-protocol and support reprogramming.

In this article, the audience will get to know more about Dusun. As the blog will proceed it will elaborate on some notable products from this brand.

Some Products By Dusun You Should Consider

This section of the article will depict the products of Dusun.

Programmable Gateways

The Programmable gateway from Dusun is nothing but a bridge between the IoT devices and the Internet and the wireless connections or protocols which can be converted into Wi-Fi or normal cellular networks. Such wireless connections are  Zigbee, SIG mesh, BLE, Z-wave, and LoRa.

On the other hand, this programmable gateways provide the full liberty to the users to put forward and develop their gateway applications. However, the programmable gateway supports other programming, open SDK, and so on.

Gateways Highlights

1. Supports Open Source System

The open-source system is nothing but a type of software that can be easily accessible to everyone without any kind of extra installation. The gateways can be connected to other devices with great flexibility and connection. Such open source systems are OpenWrt, Linux, Debian, and Android.

2. Several Languages Supported

However, the programmable gateways are capable of serving the audience in several languages. Various programmable languages are installed in the device so that none of the customers face any problems during its operation. Such programming languages are C, C++, Python, Java, and Node JS.

3. Several Certifications

Nonetheless, these kinds of gateways also have certification of several wireless connections named FCC, IC, Z-wave plus, CE, SRRC, KC, PTCRB, Zigbee, BQB, and RoHs.

Multiprotocol Hubs

A device needs to support various protocols so that none of the clients come up with any issues. Such multi protocols are supporting Cellular LTE, Wi-Fi, Zigbee, BLE, Z-wave, Sub-G, LoRa, and so on.

1. LTE Gateways

The Linux OpenWrt system is the main compartment of the LTE gateways. 3G/4G/ATT/MQTT/LTE Gateway is the most promising gateway from Dusun. It also has a micro SD slot. However, systems have two connectivity systems such as Cat-M1 for sensor-to-cloud applications and Cat-1 for high bandwidth and interactive applications.

2. Dual Band Gateways

Generally, this kind of gateway supports the input with DC 5.0V, 1A, and micro-USB. Up to 580Mbps, the data speed of these gateways can be reached. Its transmit power is approximately 20dBm.


The above-mentioned products from Dusun are the most reliable ones. However, the connectivity systems and other features of the products are more than enough to satisfy the customers. It knows more about these or any other products the audience can scroll their eyes on its website.

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