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Genuine Laptop Battery Vs. Duplicate Laptop Battery

by Alan

In today’s world, it is easy to get confused between genuine and duplicate laptop batteries. While both batteries might satisfy the basic requirements, it cannot be ignored that duplicate ones aren’t just as efficient as original ones. It is safe to say a genuine laptop battery is a crucial element of the computer system- if anything they deserve the best quality. Batteries provide the energy to laptops for functioning; therefore, it is important to identify the genuineness of the battery.

Scrolling below, you will become an expert at identifying the difference between genuine and duplicate laptop batteries. Who knows, you might prevent yourself from falling into the trap of a duplicate one.

Genuine Vs. Duplicate Laptop Batteries

With the correct knowledge, it is easy to spot the difference between these laptop batteries. Next time when you purchase batteries, remember to check these features.

1. Backup Capacity

Batteries that are duplicated often have a poor backup capacity, considering they are made of cheap raw materials. If your backup requirement is high, you need a much stronger battery. Usually, only original batteries can keep up with this requirement. So, if you notice your laptop is unable to perform efficiently in terms of backing up, you might have to check the genuineness of your battery.

2. Longevity

Longevity, in technical terms, refers to the life of a battery. Duplicate batteries often have a short life span as they cannot keep up with the performance. Battery crashing may have consequences that aren’t desirable- for example loss of files. Proving it is crucial to check the authenticity of the battery before making a purchase. It is no secret that duplicate batteries don’t last very long.

3. Compatibility With The Laptop

Duplicate batteries are the worst match with a laptop. Manufacturers of duplicate batteries often don’t have access to the correct size of the battery port. Likely, these batteries don’t fit into the space. Other issues revolve around compatibility with the software. If you fix one of these duplicate batteries, you will likely have a pop-up that warns you about an improper battery fit.

4. Cell Quality

Usually, a battery contains around six cells. These cells are of the highest quality in original batteries; thus, it would take quite a long for the cells to depreciate. Duplicate cells consist of fewer cells that are of poor quality. If you spend much time on your device, having a faulty battery would lead to power outs and a slow system.

5. Price

A reason why many consider buying duplicate batteries is due to their price. Such batteries are much cheaper, considering those manufacturers want to attract customers. If you are looking for battery options on online platforms, it is essential to compare the price of the options available. Use filters such as ‘highest to lowest to compare the range. Something that is mildly affordable is likely to be the original batteries.

6. Weight of The Battery

Most computer manufacturers try to make the experience of using a laptop more light-weighted and portable. The process of designing a light-weighted battery is difficult and expensive; thus, most duplicators refrain from making light ones. If you feel the battery is heavy, it is always better to confirm with the provider about its authenticity.

7. Warranty

When you purchase batteries from authorized providers, you likely get a warranty card along with your purchase that compensates for any damage for a certain period. If you didn’t get a warranty card, it would be better to contact the provider for a return. Having a warranty ensures a better value for the money, considering you wouldn’t have to spend for any damages.


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