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Is A Helium Hotspot Antenna Worth It- Let’s See!

by Alan

Aren’t you tired of using centralized networks that have limitations on data? Helium mining, the concept based on blockchain technology, solves this issue. It aims at creating a decentralized wireless network that doesn’t depend on satellites or cellular towers. Helium network through helium hotspot antenna collaborates blockchain technology, wireless infrastructure, and the Internet of Things (IoT). The network coverage providers for this network are called Miners. They buy Helium Hotspots, router-like devices that provide coverage using RF radio signals. Miners earn Helium Tokens (HNT) in return as payment. The amount of HNT tokens depends on the placement of Helium Hotspots and the strength of the Helium Antenna.

How To Determine Of The Helium Antenna Is Worth It?

A Helium Antenna captures and transmits the RF radio signals. A good antenna is very much necessary to improve the efficiency of hotspot coverage. Read on to know the features of an efficient antenna.

1. It Must Withstand Outdoor Weather Conditions

As the Antenna is placed outdoors at heights, there are chances of damage due to changing weather conditions. You must be careful while buying a good antenna for your miner. The connector area of the antenna can corrode due to heavy rains and extreme weather conditions. Hence, using a waterproof silicon-based tape to seal the connector area is essential for a good antenna. Using an antenna with a fiberglass tube can protect it from UV degradation.

2. It Should Be Value For Money

Many poor-quality antennas exist in the market which does not provide enough signal transmission. Helium network uses a new technology called LongFi, a combination of LoRaWAN technology and blockchain. It has no limitations on data caps and requires no SIM cards. Having a good helium antenna to capture minute RF signals is required. As we switch to a decentralized network, we need an antenna in the budget that is reliable and efficient.

3. It Should Solve The Purpose

Helium Antennas are mainly placed outdoors so that they provide a better connection among the devices. The Helium network claims that it can provide a 200 times faster network than Wifi. Our antenna should be in a way to support this statement. The Helium Hotspots need long-range antennas. Therefore the height of the antenna, the topography, and its line of sight with the miner is crucial. Not only buying a good antenna but fixing it in a proper position also serves the purpose.

4. Signal Strength Should Be Strong

The best Helium Antenna is required to emit efficient signals. There are chances that the antenna doesn’t work efficiently even after spending a lot. It can be solved by improving Proof-of-Coverage. Metal Windows block RF rays; hence, check for them and move the antenna to a higher floor. Check for new buildings with a UV protection layer that can block RF signals too.

5. It Should Be Made of Good Quality Raw Materials

A fiberglass Helium Antenna is best outdoors for exceptional performance and signal quality. The fiberglass antennas are fully waterproof and defend against corrosion caused in winters. The fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) is also highly resistant to high temperatures and UV radiation. They have high anti-aging properties and can last three times longer than the traditional plastic ones. Choosing an antenna made of good quality raw materials is very important.


Having gone through what Helium Mining and Antenna mean, it is definite that switching to Helium networks is worth it. We must take the above factors into consideration while choosing the best Antenna. The best you choose, the higher you can earn HNT tokens.

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